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Would you approach the altar in your underwear?

Acclaimed wedding and special events planner Alexis Asbe has done over 3,000 weddings in over twenty years. Her work has been featured in CBS’s Evening Magazine, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and Modern Bride. Alexis’s artful and intuitive touch has helped her capture the sensibilities of well-known political figures, British royalty and everyday people. By guiding so many different people through one of life’s most profound and sacred journeys, she has learned to deeply understand the complex emotionality surrounding weddings. With warm candor and graceful wit she shares wisdom gleaned from thousands of weddings in her book, At the Altar in Your Underwear: A Brave Guide to Love Before, During and After Your Wedding. It is a one of a kind companion to cozy up to and center your feelings when wedding planning mania pulls you far from your foundational love:

You enter into a wedding being loved by someone with sincere intentions but weddings become paired with expectations from friends, family and loved ones. People can feel alone without emotional support even though they are surrounded by friends and family. It’s an incredible dichotomy. It’s a union of love and families but sometimes people feel isolated.

At the Altar in Your Underwear helps to bring you back down to the basics. “The title is my metaphor about being vulnerable,” she explains:

When I create a design or a wedding plan and present it, I feel as though I’m standing in my underwear. And, as uncomfortable as that is, it provides me with freedom and the gift of being myself. It feels like people can see your soul and that is exhilarating.




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The book is thoughtfully organized into four sections, “The Engagement,” “Planning,” “The Big Day” and “The Honeymoon” with each section divided into ten chapters. The section chapters are a mix of chronological wedding planning insights and uplifting introspective passages, allowing readers to use At the Altar in Your Underwear as a step-by-step guide or for spur-of the-moment emotional grounding. Throughout the book, Alexis’s writing is playful, vibrant and accessible. She expresses her ideas with sensitive inclusivity, making her insights meaningful for anyone partnering up or thinking about taking that big step to start a life with another person. At its core, At the Altar in Your Underwear is a relationship book about being brave enough to experience pure, soulful love.



One of the most engaging elements of the book is how much Alexis’s personality shines through like she is your very own wedding planner. In 1990, Alexis started her own wedding and special events company in a garage. Twenty years later she turned it into northern California’s leading wedding and special event company. Her optimism, sense of adventure and inspiring career animates At the Altar in Your Underwear. Though the book is centered around wedding planning, Alexis’s message of empowerment and bold vulnerability is a lifelong gift. “When you are really showing up as who you are, you are ready to love yourself and others,” she says.