Five Women Every WOMAN Needs in Her Life

Women may be the most untapped, yet entirely wonderful resource in the world. Consider the handful of friends that make life manageable, and how important it is to have the support of these sisters.  We all need a group of gals to rely on in this chaotic world, and we’ve come up with a few gems that deserve recognition. Feel free to tag your friends and submit ideas for more! 

Damn Straight Donna

“That dress would be great, if you don’t plan to go in public.” This diva may not be the most popular gal in town, but when you need straight talk, she is number one on the list. Donna doesn’t sugar coat or mince words. This woman will give you sound advice, and it is probably not what you want to hear. You call her for a genuine, lowdown, dirty reality check. Sure, Donna listens to your troubles and analyzes the situation, but she will not hold back because honesty is her only policy. You value her opinion, and to be certain, she won’t keep it to herself. Donna says stuff like, “Stop being an idiot, lay off the junk food, dump that dude, and shut up before you get yourself in trouble.”  This is the woman who can turn any gray area into a simple black and white setting. Damn Straight Donna will hold you accountable.

Good Time Tina

I’m not talking about the sloppy drunk party princess who you end up babysitting in the bathroom, this good time gal is reliable fun. Don’t want to make that mundane trip to Target?  Take Tina with you. Whether it’s a ‘wine and whine’ kind of night or a getaway to the ocean; Tina is up for the excursion. She will help you find your lost smile and bring out that goofy, free-spirited inner child. Typically, Tina is non-judgmental, but she is also not willing to be bogged down by emotional baggage.  This is the kind of woman you want when you are ready to get out after a brutal break up or let loose after a stressful work week. Imperviously positive, Tina is a walking dance party who will improve your attitude and prevent you from isolation. 

Mechanically Minded Amanda

Think Bob the Builder with boobs. This crafty, can-do girlfriend is exactly what you need when your son mentions that his mission project is due tomorrow or you’re stranded on the freeway because your car is overheating.  Amanda has a resourceful mind and untouchable work ethic. She can rebuild your fence or decorate for your anniversary party on a budget. Amanda is never afraid to get her hands dirty. Usually, she is mathematically gifted with a creative flare. This is the type of lady who can launch a rocket because she didn’t skip physics class like you did. Amanda can always “figure it out.”

Badass Brenda

You know, one of those women with a lot of muscle mass and astounding stamina? You would workout with Brenda if you could actually keep up; instead, you compliment her calves and consider going on a diet. This chick is not necessarily a bitch, she’s just tough.  If you’re planning to run a marathon, move an armoire, or remove a dead body, this is the babe you want to be there. Inner strength and outer strength is her winning combination. Most likely, Brenda is on the quiet side, which only makes her more dependable; she won’t ask a lot of questions because she is a doer. You won’t have to explain why you need a chainsaw; Brenda will just show up with one. 

Compassion Queen Carrie

When she’s not feeding stray cats or volunteering, Carrie is the humble, ever-present team mom with the healthy snacks. She’s that friend who actually jumps for joy when you get a new job, and climbs into a bucket of ice cream with you when your dog dies. Carrie will listen to a range of anecdotes: weep-worthy romantic woes, ‘took a turn for the worse’ tales, victorious moments in motherhood, scintillating excerpts from your vacation… Every lady needs an empathizer, and Carrie is the epitome of “misery loves company.” Because Carrie has a soft heart and tender spirit, you will have to be sensitive to her acute emotions, but a little caution is worth it for this friend. Carrie will be your emotional match when you need it most.


Sarah Harris

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature with an English Teaching Credential, Sarah taught AP and Honors English at the high school level for six years. Here, Sarah was also awarded a scholarship to attend the UNR Reynold’s School of Journalism. With this knowledge, she developed one of the only college-approved high school journalism curriculums in the state of California. Sarah then joined the Red Arrow Media to pursue project management and sales in the publishing world while ghostwriting a book, and freelancing as a blogger for top-ranked U.S. security company. She is now an executive assistant at Aztec Construction and The Flower House Corporation. Extremely gifted in organizing large-scale events and tasks, Sarah does everything from writing legal contracts to developing cutting edge online curriculum for women.