My Life Has Changed Forever

March 8th, 2014 was the day I decided to make a change. Sitting in my La-Z-Boy eating a bag of chips, I was reflecting on my day and a nagging thought in the back of my mind kept creeping in. It was Jake Easy announcing the 94 day Fitness Challenge.

So I thought why not? What do I have to lose? Over the years I’ve gone to the gym, tried dedicating myself to running, even participated in a couple triathlons but I never stayed committed; just continued on the same path I’ve been on for the past 20 years,
never really committing to my health. Maybe this time I’ll stay committed, take control of my health and change my life. Well, I’m happy to say I’ve stayed committed and I’m loving the new me! Several months ago I made a promise to myself. I am proud to say
I have reached my goal of staying committed to improving my health, mind and soul. I think the most powerful thing I received as a result of participating in this challenge was keeping the commitment I made to myself. This world is full of challenges with work,
family, finances and just everyday life. One thing every person has control over is their health. If a person can stay committed, true to themselves and choose to be healthy, they can. In my profession, as a high school administrator, every day is a new day
with new and exciting challenges. Whether it is students, parents, activities, fire-drills, supervision, dances, athletics, band, etc., I never know what will come my way. What I do know is being in shape and setting a good example for all my students and mychildren was the commitment I set out to accomplish 2 1⁄2 short months ago. The daily conversations I have with students on campus range from, “How much weight have you lost?” to “How did you do it?” This has opened so many doors to the world of being fit.

My hope is my students take from what I’ve experienced and apply it to their own lives.

Teaching youth, making a difference, influencing young minds in a positive way is why educators do what we do. Whether it’s in the classroom, on the field (or court) or just having a conversation, if we can influence them in a positive way then we are doing our
job and doing it well! Making a commitment to my health and sticking with it, influencing and educating others, being a role model, father, husband and educator now take on a whole new meaning. Because of this 94 day challenge my life has completely changed
and it has changed for the better!!”

Kevin Greene

Aqua-Man Talks: What Men Want

When lying in an amazingly perfect bed with incredible linens, in a five star hotel sipping the perfect cup of coffee with my love by my side peacefully watching the Masters, I am compelled to know the mysteries of life…(By the way, speaking of mysteries, I am married to Aqua Man.)

Honey, “What do men really want?” (I know, I’m weird and have terrific timing, right?) He looks over at me like I am an alien and says, “I don’t think about that stuff.”

After a little flirting and more prodding I convince him to indulge me so that I can solve world peace.

According to my love (who is a total dude) this is what MEN want most from a woman:

  1. Intelligent; makes good decisions and can think her way out of a paper bag
  2. Independent; not clingy or needy
  3. Hot; fit and embraces her look
  4. Fun; flirty and playful, can take a joke
  5. Confident; believes in herself and goes after what she wants

So there you have it. No pressure, but this is what they want. Thank God, he did not ask me what women want. I think he also said, something about “someone that does not ask so many questions…”

What do women want?

Peace, Love and Obsessed with Aqua Man,