The Discerning Service of the Four Seasons, San Fransisco

I arrived at the Four Seasons, San Francisco and everyone knew my name. Upon check in I was greeted as an anticipated friend. I entered my sophisticated, modernly decorated room and a beautiful fruit and snack plate was waiting for me, as if they knew that I would need a little snack after traveling. Impeccable details and service are the things that I relish about the Four Seasons in San Francisco. I was graciously given a beautiful room with a view of San Francisco, as my family and I were there to attend our dear family friend’s wedding. After touring the hotel, I knew this was going to be the wedding of the year!

Please enjoy learning about the Four Seasons, as I had the privilege to spend time with the renowned David Robinson, Director of Catering. The only thing more luxurious than the hotel is the graciousness of the staff. David and his team lead by example, providing families with the utmost service and discerning attention.

Q: Welcome David, and thank you for taking the time to talk with me and our readers about the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco, a luxury landmark destination for weddings and events.

A: First, let me say I have selected Four Seasons, San Francisco to be on our exclusive “A” List, which is the best of the best, because it is known for its modern luxury and exquisite service.  As you may know in mybestselling book, “At the Altar in Your Underwear: A Brave Guide to Love Before, During and After Your Wedding,” I encourage people to be intensely mindful of how they create a once in a lifetime celebration while starting their lives together.

Q: Tell me about the history and mission of the Four Seasons, San Francisco?

A: Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco opened here on Market Street 11 years ago, and last year, the Four Seasons brand celebrated its 50th birthday.

The Four Seasons Hotel does not have a mission statement per se but they have their corporate values. Which, to summarize, say:

“The company’s guiding principle is the Golden Rule. As such, Four Seasons strives to have a long-lasting, positive influence on the communities where we operate and on the people we employ and serve around the world.”

Q:  Wow, that is beautiful.  Now you have seen weddings and celebrations of all kinds.  Why do you think people select the Four Seasons, San Francisco as the perfect place to get married?

A: We have a very special property here in San Francisco. Our location, the staff, the culinary talent and the dedicated wedding professionals are committed to making a bride’s wedding dreams come true. Besides, who does not want to be part of the exclusive family of Four Seasons brides!

Q:  That makes sense.  You have a bit of experience in creating once-in-a lifetime celebrations. Tell me, what is it you love about working with people?

A: I love working with a family to create their dream wedding. From the start of the process through the entire event, I am able to use my 20+ years of experience to assist them with this once-in-a-lifetime moment. There’s nothing better than creating a vision, so that, when the bride walks into the ballroom, she gasps and tells me this is the best day of her life!

Q:  Something I deeply appreciate about the Four Season brand is your contemporary styling and modern approach to décor.  As a designer, I am always stunned by the exquisite display of art and floral displays throughout the facility.  Can you give some examples of how the Four Seasons customizes each wedding or celebration?

A: Customization is our way of life here at Four Seasons, San Francisco. Based on what our clients want to offer their guests, we will design the perfect experience that will give their guests a “WOW” moment. If guests can walk away feeling surprised and delighted, we have done our jobs.

One of the biggest “WOW” factors is to allow guests to order their entrée table side. Our menus are designed with a restaurant experience in mind – not just how the menu reads, but the design and presentation too. It’s all second to none.

Q:   The hotel has a number of services and amenities available on site without leaving the property, tell me about how this makes wedding planning easy for families?

A: We are a full service hotel, which means, guests can host their wedding here and have that “one stop shop” experience in event planning and services. Not to mention, we have the 120,000 sq. ft. Sports Club LA gym and spa, the Joseph Cozza hair salon and our newly-designed MKT Bar and Restaurant all here in the building. Customization is our way of life here at Four Seasons San Francisco.

Q:  In my book, I talk specifically about the importance of honoring people.  How does the Four Seasons honor families and guests when a couple selects the Four Seasons as a wedding venue?

A: First impressions definitely set the tone. From the first planning meeting, we set the tone by offering the happy couple our best wishes in the months ahead through personalizing signage in the hotel. We also offer them a beverage of choice while we walk the space and discuss all things wedding. We always give the couple a little take-away gift as the part of the final touch so our couples keep Four Seasons top-of-mind.

Q:  Tell us about the most memorable celebration you have had at the Four Seasons?

A: One recent memorable moment happened when the mother of the bride surprised the wedding couple with a 40 person flash mob. It was so current and hip that everyone got in on the excitement! But the most memorable for me is not always the celebration, but the bride and her family. When a bride hugs you before you leave for the night and she thanks you for creating the BEST night of her life, it is a proud memory forever.

Q:  Weddings can be big and small.  Would you share the range of events that the Four Seasons can accommodate?

A: No event celebration is too big or too small. We have hosted as few as 2 guests to over 450 guests for weddings.

Q:  I know you are loyal to the Four Seasons Hotel, San Francisco. Do you have another Four Seasons location that you love as much and why?

A: My personal favorites are the Four Seasons in Kona and the Four Seasons in Punta Mita. I love the Four Season in Silicon Valley because I can drive 30 minutes and get spoiled for a night. Even my two dachshunds love the Silicon Valley hotel!

Q:  This has been so memorable. Would you share with readers what the first step is to planning a wedding or event at the Four Seasons, San Francisco?

A: Think about being a part of the Four Season family for the rest of your life and then give me a call. Trust me. I will protect the integrity of your wedding and will respect both the financial and emotional commitment you’ve made to us.

Q:  Thank you, David.  I am happy to share your wisdom and the Four Seasons as one of the best Hotels and Wedding Venues in San Francisco.

I felt like I am part of the Four Seasons family and no matter what city I am in, I believethe Four Seasons would be one of my first choices. In my book, “At the Altar in Underwear”, I emphasize the importance of honoring yourself and others. If you wish to truly to honor yourself and your guests, this is the place for you.