Are You Stuck?

Do you have days when you want to wear the outfit on the left and other days you would choose the dress on the right?

Do you struggle with making decisions when both choices appeal to different parts of you?

Do you like lots of different things but can’t decide which to choose?

Don’t panic, there are many of us that feel your pain and find ourselves stuck in the land of indecision!

When making decisions regarding your wedding ask yourself these questions:

  1. How do I feel in my body about this decision? (Here is a little tip: put your dominant hand on your navel, close your eyes and listen to/feel your body. Where may you feel tense or uncomfortable which the choice at hand?
  2. Do I love this _________ (dress, shoes, cake, location, etc.)?
  3. Can I live with this decision?

If you feel uncomfortable in any part of your body; stop, breathe and walk away. Take some time in silence and ask that part of your body, “what is going on?” Then listen to it! Your next two answers should be a big fat YES! If not, walk away!

Do not start freak out and start asking everyone else what they think. When you ask other people to give you their opinion, it is just their opinion and personal views. It may not be right for you. I repeat, it may not be right for you and they are not you! You are uniquely different. You are not ordinary in any way. You are special and there is no one exactly like you. Give yourself plenty of time and freedom to make decisions. Never choose one thing because you are afraid of the other. Rushing or being put under pressure from others only zaps your creative energy and can distract you from your true self awareness. If you need support, get some. Asking for support is completely different than asking someone else to make decisions. Your ideal support team sounds like this, “Listen to heart and do what you think is best.” Another good form of support from your posse, would be, “Trust your gut feeling.”

Give yourself some time to breathe, rest and feel at peace before you start looking again. Do not be in a hurry to make major decisions.

Here is a little shout out to all of you that are conflicted…(this is also a great suggestion for: health, life, work, “men” or just about anything you would need to make a decision about). You got this! Breathe, relax and repeat!

Peace, Love and My name is, “Conflicted” and I am addicted to supporting you.