Her Success Podcast: Feminine leadership + self-love, serial entrepreneur Alexis Asbe

"When I have these conversations with successful women on Her Success Radio, I never know where the conversation will go. Today, I’m so excited to bring to you Alexis Asbe, who is a serial entrepreneur. She’s serious about pleasure. She’s serious about good life. When I mean serious, I mean you need to listen to this episode. We talk about everything from what it means to be a woman and run your business from the place of pleasure, and how that actually creates business success.

There’s not enough conversation about this, so I really encourage you to tune in. We talk about things like how to talk about sex to your children, which is also a conversation we need to be having more.

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"Alexis Asbe is a bestselling author, speaker, consultant, serial entrepreneur, wife, mother, mermaid, and an unflinching advocate for women.

Her heart is to armor women, supporting them to get what they want.

Alexis has worked with celebrities, well-known political figures and even British royalty. Using her creative business-driven and multi-faceted background, she retains that her greatest contribution to the planet is leading with the feminine, raising rule-breaking teenagers, and driving her husband crazy…"

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Cyrotherapy: A Cold Solution for Health and Hotness.

Every Goddess knows that in order to be a Goddess, one must self-care like the Supreme Being she is. If it is anti-aging and pro-pleasure, then I am interested. My name is Alexis, and I am a self-care addict. 

I was preparing for my Goddess Rising Retreat so prior to leaving for Europe, I was… slightly stressed. It could have been hormones or my aching hip, but I was in desperate need of a self-care jolt. This gave my daughter the inspiration to find a unique Mother’s Day present. 

Naturally, any new or fun sort of treatment center that comes into our small town would catch the eye of my young goddess in training (insert proud Mama pose here). With synergy and innate timing, she quite literally froze at the chance to provide me with the perfect Mama Goddess gift. Welcome to my latest self-care adventure to US Cryotherapy in Redding.

Curious about adding this practice to my addiction list, I did some googling.  Cryo- comes from the Greek word “krous,” which means “icy,” “cold” or “frost.” Therapy means…well…”therapy” or “treatment.” It’s Greek, it’s got to be good! 

Articles claim that Cryotherapy can help with anything from sore muscles to arthritis to autoimmune disease. It has actually been used medically for hundreds of years; it has just recently become trendy. Considering that ice is always the doctor recommended way to alleviate inflammation, the whole concept seemed entirely logical. 

Cold therapy sounded like a reasonable solution for a hot mama, and it was hard to ignore some of the enticing phrases:




“INCREASED LIBIDO” – More fun with Aqua Man! 

Hint, hint, Men. This is a great incentive to give Cryotherapy as a gift. 

Reading over the list of take away results, I was fist bumping and ‘Hell Yessing’ my way to the treatment center. Better yet, I brought friends.

Here’s how it works: You strip down to as little as possible, which I am all about. For non-nudist, you can go in your gym gear or skivvies or whatever you wore to work. The technicians cover the sensitive skin areas, take your skin temperature, and then attempt to drop your outside temp by 30 degrees. 

The whole deal only takes a few minutes depending on the type of treatment you choose. I checked into my chill out chamber and rocked out to “Girls Run the World.” By the time I was done, I felt energized enough to take actually run the world. 

I received one target treatment, which made my hip pain almost completely go away. That night, I noticed that I slept way better. And the next day, I was generally more optimistic and not as freaked out about leaving home. 

With a newfound interest in the cryo-therapeutic attributes, I found several places in Europe. Overseas, it has been a spa-oriented offering for quite some time. In the United States, the practice has only been taken up by a small portion of the population like my man Tony Robbins who claims to use a cryogenic tank daily. 

Upon returning home, I went back for more. I found it was especially helpful in restoring my health and recovering from jet lag along with knocking out a nagging travel bug. Thankfully, Cryotherapy is becoming more medically respected. The US Cryotherapy in Redding expects to have full FDA approval in about a year.

As goddesses, we do many things in order to self-preserve and self-serve. 

Maybe Cryotherapy is something you will want to try.  


Peace, love, and ice baby!