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"Alexis Asbe inspired me that what God has called me to do is really possible. It is such a beautiful thing to see people walking in the purposes God has for them. She left me empowered to be the woman God created me to be without holding anything back. Oddly enough, one thing she said that stuck in my heart and will remain is "Jesus loves our vaginas"  this actually started up a massive revelation that I'm having with God. He loves every part of us. Every part of us is His. He created it. I think I attached shame to my vagina. I’ve actually went from demonizing my sexuality to embracing it and loving who I am. Another great thing about our time with Alexis is her emphasis on women empowering women. God designed us for family it's so important for women to be loved by one another instead of shaming and gossiping and comparing themselves to others."
—Kellie Schonecker

"The day Alexis Asbe came to BSSD I felt so honored when she asked me some really hard questions about my identity, which I answered. But the life changing part about that is that, that day I was catapulted on a new level to discover who I am. I felt so loved and full of confidence. As a mom Alexis Asbe, made me feel known, and notice it has been such a healing experience. I haven’t been the same since."
—Isaac Salvador Lopez Guinto

"I shared with her that I was grateful for her coming & ministering to us here at BSSD for many reasons, but mostly for reawakening an appetite for true sisterhood that I thought could never actually be attained. She brought the real deal <3 Thank you Alexis Asbe <3" 
—Amy Denton

"I connected so deeply with everything she had to say and with what she carries.  I feel called to many of the areas she is passionate about. Her authenticity and courage gave me such revelation, hope and perspective. There were things unlocked in me I didn't know existed and I was forever changed in a weekend.  I'm so grateful for Alexis."  
—Stephanie Powell

"She gave us the gifts of ourselves."  
—Kwjuana LaShae

“The Power Circle Series was an awesome experience; it exceeded my expectations. I was tired of motivational speakers and books that didn’t motivate me. I got more out of one night here than I had in a while. I wish I would have had the questions before so I would have time to reflect on my answers; I always change the days after. These classes made me think a lot about the women I love and never take time for.”

“Alexis brings a true passion to the little details that make lasting love possible. Starting with her own willingness to be vulnerable with her audience, she takes you on a journey of self-discovery- while cheering you on every step of the way!”
— Leah Good, Hawes
“Alexis is a dynamic speaker who brings a special connection to the audience. With an excellent balance of knowledge and humor, Alexis engages the listener at a deep level and leaves them with a sense of owning the information instead of just having someone talk at them. Whether a group of 10 or 1,000, each person leaves feeling touched and empowered.”
— Matthew Wilson, Principal, Sidebar Legal LLC
“Alexis was delightfully entertaining and provided insightful and thought provoking content.”
— Lindsay Fogarty, Tri-Valley Wedding Professionals Association
“You can’t be in a room with Alexis speaking and not feel motivated. She has a ‘you can do it’ attitude and its contagious.”
— Mark Peterson, Land Restoration Inc.
“Alexis’ coaching is valuable because anyone can ask her a question or explain a scenario they have experienced and she will already know the answer and how respond accordingly. Alexis explains solutions in a confident and reassuring way and I think that is the strongest characteristic in her leadership. She proceeds to inspire by sharing her confidence with the client, letting them know they’ve got what it takes. She shares her personal stories to allow the confidence to sink in. Alexis is a true leader and an inspiration.”
— Audrey Kramm, Artist and Future World Changer
“Alexis’ coaching is truly transformational. She leads you through a very practical process that helps you easily develop a business plan I know you can accomplish. In addition to business coaching, Alexis works with her clients to develop the whole person, producing confident business women who lead successful and balanced lives.”
— Bethany Reid
“Ally is a true coach, a confidant and a woman you can trust to turn your fears into breakthrough for you personally, emotionally and physically. She carries such a passionate heart to see you become the woman you were made to be and she won’t back down until you become the woman you want to be.  Ally is a treasure to work with and a beautiful inspiration in her own journey. She forever has a special place in my heart!”
— Kimberly Hill
“Alexis is kind yet firm. She really understands the female psyche and our needs and she eloquently expresses herself in both her attitude and by example.  Because of these attributes, she is uniquely suited to help women in their endeavors. Thank you Ally for your friendship. ”
— Shanda Louise Perryman
“Ally helped me get into the best shape of my life before the most important day of my life (my wedding).  I know now that true happiness is somewhere between eating healthy and working your butt off in the gym.”
— Jake Fontana
“Working with Alexis was one of the best decisions of my life.  Alexis treats your whole being, not just your body. My workouts were tailored especially for me and my current skill level.  She pushed me to do things I didn’t think I could and never let me quit on myself. She helped me to understand that mental and physical health were gifts I deserved to have. She helped me lay the foundation for a healthier, happier me.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a life makeover.”
— Tomi Gibb
“The most powerful thing that I learned from this challenge is that no matter how busy I am or how much I have to do I need to take care of myself not only with exercise but with nutrition. You can not control many things in life but you can control how you feel about yourself and I have learned that I feel much better after a good workout, both physically and emotionally. I participated in this challenge during a rough time and it actually helped me through the rough time knowing I was taking care of myself. Find yourself and be happy with yourself you can do it.”
— Jessica Hanly